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Rick Santorum thinks that women who have been raped should be compelled—by force of law—to carry the babies of their rapists to term, he thinks birth control should be illegal, he wants to prosecute pornographers, etc., etc., basically the guy wants to be president so that he can micromanage the sex lives of all Americans…and I’m the one with issues?

Because I made a dirty joke at his expense eight or nine years ago and it stuck? I’m the one with issues?


Rick can pray for me. I’ll gay for him. And we can call it even.

Stephen Colbert’s interview with Dan Savage about marriage and monogamy 

Hilarious! Stephen’s face at 4:08 when he realizes what Dan just said is amazing, lol.

Shocking, I tell you! Shocking! ;-)

It’s actually very cute, and I love the way he ends the article: “To the haters I say: you’re losing and you’re losing badly—and not just in Congress or state legislatures or on cable news shoutfests. The most important battles you’re losing are taking place in living rooms all over the country.”

It Gets Better (via itgetsbetterproject)

First video on a channel to promote the message to bullied gay teens that life gets better and there is hope. I love Dan Savage :-) And it’s so nice to see his “normally camera-shy husband.”