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Shocking, I tell you! Shocking! ;-)

It’s actually very cute, and I love the way he ends the article: “To the haters I say: you’re losing and you’re losing badly—and not just in Congress or state legislatures or on cable news shoutfests. The most important battles you’re losing are taking place in living rooms all over the country.”

I am sharing the couch with a very happy, sleepy cat :-)

I am sharing the couch with a very happy, sleepy cat :-)


I wish that 50% of my life felt like this

This kid is awesome :-)

Laughing Baby (via gsager1234)

Because I totally need this after reading depressing articles about the oil spill.


OMG! Adorbz of the Day: 8-month-old deaf toddler Jonathan reacts to the activation of his cochlear implant.



Spinach/Spanish (via SimplySweetChic)

This is an oldie, but so cute!

For such funny-looking creatures, they sure are cute!

I love Julia Sweeney!


Look At This Fucking Talking Cat Video of the Day: Jupiter faces a difficult dilemma: Eat the new fish — or take orders from a lowly human.

What will he do?



This Is Heartwarming, You Should Watch It of the Day: StoryCorps’ very first animated short features a real-life interview between Sarah Littman and her son Joshua, a 12-year-old boy with Asperger’s.

Moms are great.



OMG! Adorbz of the Day: Nina, the precocious offspring of an American father and Japanese mother, is far too cute for words, so instead I’ll let her cuteness sing for itself.