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When women deny them [men] what they believe women owe them, instead of asking if in fact they were owed these things, they instead lash out at women. They sexually harass them, which is a way of saying that you have no right to give them no attention, so if you don’t give them the positive attention they desire, they will extract some attention from you, even if it’s just annoyance or fear. Anti-choice men come from the same mentality, I’ve learned from dealing with them. Their anger at rejection from women gets projected onto the fetus, or even to sperm. They convince themselves that there was some sort of patriarchal paradise in the past when women didn’t get to say no to men, and believe that if they could at least revoke women’s legal right to say no to a man impregnating her, they could have those days back.

Conservatives love the “strong woman” image for an entirely different reason: Because the existence of these women means we don’t need feminism, in their minds. The underlying argument of, “I don’t hate women. I love strong women,” is that we need patriarchy as a sort of litmus test for which women are deserving and which are not. If you can live under a system where you’re a second class citizen, where you get paid less for equal work, where you don’t have reproductive rights, and where men have a lot of personal power over you—-and you can still get out of bed every day, put on your lipstick, and get shit done? Well, you’ve done proved you’re a “strong woman”. Here’s a Mother’s Day card as a reward, and remember, you don’t need no stupid feminism. Just don’t ask any hard questions about why men aren’t tested this way.

Conservatives often have a better read than liberals do on how macro politics affects micro politics, which is to say, they really do get how oppressed people can see progress in the larger political world, and that boosts their self-esteem and makes them feel more entitled to demand better treatment in daily life. Liberals see no co-pay contraception and think, “That’ll help women save money and lower the unintended pregnancy rate.”

Conservatives see it and think, “That’ll suggest to women that being able to have sex while retaining control over your body is your god-given right that the President went out of his way to protect. That’s going to make those bitches uppity.”

LEGO Friends - LEGO & Gender Part 1 (by feministfrequency)

For shame, LEGO.





I suggest all females watch this.

I suggest EVERYONE watch this.

100% in favor of this.

Every single human on the planet needs to be aware of this.

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Rebecca Watson’s wrap-up of Elevator-gate. I’m severely disappointed in Richard Dawkins. Ugh.

I know all the games entitled young men, in particular, play. If you are deploying wingmen, if you are approaching this as you would a gazelle hunt, where the goal is to isolate a target from the herd and make them vulnerable so they will succumb to you, where getting the target stupefyingly drunk is a desirable means to an end, then you might get laid — I don’t deny that those tactics works for unscrupulous people — but you will have forfeited the title of Decent Human Being, and we’d rather you didn’t come to our meetings. Also, atheist women tend to be assertive and not at all bashful about telling everyone else about your behavior, and you’ll find yourself discussed on youtube and on blogs and perhaps even from the podium at the meeting. Then you’ll feel compelled to comment anonymously on those blogs, complaining about ball-busting man-haters, and you’ll be forever receding from that desirable status as Decent Human Being.

You don’t get to whine about being called out. It’s what we do. Join a cult if you’d rather have rules of silence and obedience.

PZ Myers, The Decent Human Beings’ Guide to Getting Laid at Atheist Conferences

Context here and here. “It’s what we do”… so true!

If there were any sense and justice in the world, the next atheist meeting I attend would be populated entirely with angry women looking to overthrow the temples of the patriarchy.

—PZ Myers


PZ’s take on the stuff that went down at the recent American Athiests meeting. He’s awesome.

If you want to keep the warm fuzzy feelings, don’t read the comments. There is so much stupid there—it’s depressing. Apparently some men think PZ’s advice to shut up and really listen to what women are saying for a change means be extra sexist and whine about women being over-sensitive.

Le sigh.

Disclaimer: I’m writing this at midnight (to be posted tomorrow) and I’m tired so I only watched the first few minutes of the video.

My snapshot reaction is that if the second most popular topic (by votes) is about how women often feel uncomfortable at atheist gatherings due to men’s behavior and you have a panel of mostly men, you should recognize the problem that presents. I would have rather seen the men say that they were not qualified to lead a discussion on the issue and ask if there were women in the audience that would like to share their experience/lead a discussion.

I particularly like woman name Amy’s comment:

I’m surprised by all the comments from the Atheist men on this thread. Seriously, one thing I’ve learned in my short lifetime is that being a minority requires your direct concerns to be addressed by others around you. If there is anything I’ve learned about being a heterosexual, white, Atheist woman is that I can only address atheist and feminist issues. As for my friends who are gay or of colour, I shut up and listen, consider, and try to ask as many questions as possible.

Its impossible to ever completely understand the issues of a minority group a person isn’t part of. However, as PZ is demonstrating, its important to TRY. It seems that whenever a concern that woman have is raised on this thread, its given a direct judgement from male commenters. If you don’t understand it, don’t dismiss it, instead, do what a good scientist would do and ask “why?”.

One thing that was alarmingly obvious when watching it is that almost all the gurus and authorities and religious figures that he interviewed were male. There were exceptions—the 12 year old daughter of his neighbor (who was an unrepentant atheist, and I thought the most sensible voice in the whole movie), a lesbian priest, the wife of a pastor—but otherwise, this show is one long sausage-fest. When I pointed this out, Nygard was apologetic and recognized that this is a significant omission, but explained that he simply hadn’t noticed when he was filming the material. Isn’t that the whole problem, that we’re oblivious to these omissions of half the population of the planet?

PZ Myers, The Nature of Existence

I love PZ. I’m not sure the Gnu Atheism Horsepersons would have even noticed this discrepancy. Maybe Sam. As much as I love Dawkins, Hitchens, and Dennett, I think even Hitchens would have missed this. Atheist activists need to be aware of misogyny, sexuality, gender, and class issues. We can’t leave anyone behind in our fight against the evils of religion.

Speaking of which, it’s pretty obnoxious that all the Horsepersons are cisgender straight males. I nominate my favorite atheism writer, Greta Christina.

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Feminist PZ makes me happy. He rocks :-)

When I was a student at Cambridge I remember an anthropology professor holding up a picture of a bone with 28 incisions carved in it. “This is often considered to be man’s first attempt at a calendar” she explained. She paused as we dutifully wrote this down. ‘My question to you is this – what man needs to mark 28 days? I would suggest to you that this is woman’s first attempt at a calendar.’ It was a moment that changed my life. In that second I stopped to question almost everything I had been taught about the past. How often had I overlooked women’s contributions?

Sandi Toksvig

(Sandi Toksvig is the one who pointed out to me that the Bayeaux Tapestry was made by women.  She is incredibly awesome.)

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Sandi Toksvig is one of my favourite guest panelists on Q.I. She absolutely is awesome. (I just watched the ‘History’ episode she was on and loved it.)

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