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Gay marriage bans don’t make sense for a lot of reasons, but I’ll just focus on one for now. The notion of defining marriage as a union between “one man and one woman” doesn’t work unless you define “man” and “woman,” and we actually don’t have airtight definitions for those states. I know. You think biology has all the labels and definitions you could possibly want. But sex is complicated.

Cynthia Nixon at the New Yorkers Festival’s session for “Love and Obstacles: The Case for Gay Marriage”

Well said.


GOP pits culture war against civil rights

A masterful segment from Rachel Maddow making the case that the Republicans are lying about their reasons for blocking debate on DADT, for the administration to stop enforcing this policy immediately, and for the Democrats to campaign on this issue because the numbers are on our side. Brilliant!

So here’s where we’re at: everyone who cares about gay issues is mad at the Democrats. The homophobes are angry because the Democrats suggested that they might do something about gay rights; gays and lesbians are furious with the Democrats for failing to do something—failing to do anything—about gay rights. Since doing nothing pisses off the gay haters just as much as doing something, perhaps the Dems should’ve have done something and won the enthusiastic support of someone. Heckuvajob, gang.

—Dan Savage